January 31st, 2010
11:37 AM ET

Report: Pakistani Taliban leader killed

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) - The Pakistani military on Sunday was looking into a local report that the region's Taliban leader died, officials said. State broadcaster PTV reported that Hakimullah Mehsud, the Taliban commander in Pakistan, was wounded in a drone attack this month, and that he died and was buried last week.  PTV cited local sources and its correspondent in North Waziristan.

But military spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas told CNN that "we cannot yet confirm" Mehsud's death. Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik told CNN on Sunday that they have received reports of the Taliban leaders death, but also could not immediately verify it.

Mehsud has been the target of suspected U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan. The U.S. military routinely offers no comment on reported attacks by drones, or unmanned aircraft.

The Taliban leader's status came into question following two drone attacks aimed at him this month.

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