January 28th, 2010
07:28 AM ET

Taliban negotiations possible?

As leading power-brokers meet in London to debate the future of war-torn Afghanistan, CNN's Atia Abawi asks whether it is possible to negotiate with the Taliban, who just days ago displayed their military might with an attack on Kabul.

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  1. Abdulameer

    To Cousindna:

    The solution? Before we look for a solution, our leaders need to recognize that there is a problem, and they need to recognize what the problem is. First and foremost, they need to learn about the ideology of Islam; they need to read the Koran; they need to read the writings of the leading Islamic religious authorities. After all, they are formulating our policy toward the Islamic world. They have a professional obligation to learn about all of this, just like doctors have a professional obligation to learn about medicine before practicing it. So far, our leaders have been professionally negligent.

    The problem is clearly the ideology of Islam, just like the problem in the days of the Cold War was the ideology of Communism. We need to undermine the ideology of Islam in every way that we can.

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  2. A. Smith, Oregon

    I've said this before, America is training the Afghanistan forces and equipping them with modern weapons WHO will become America's enemy combatants the moment America pulls its troops out. They'll immediately pledge their allegiance to the Taliban creating a much more organized problem for America in the future.

    Didn't the idiots in the Pentagon Learn this years ago from doing the same with Iraq's Saddam armed forces?

    Sadly, any negotiations would once again place the Muslim women in Afghanistan under the cruel boots of the Taliban who beat, tortured and executed Muslim women for little if any causes.

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  3. Cousindna


    I share your sentiment entirely. So then, what is the solution?

    Your name sounds middle eastern, perhaps Arabic, but your comments don't appear to represent a Muslim viewpoint.


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  4. Abdulameer

    What is the point of negotiation with people who want to institute a strict application of Sharia law, people who promote the takeover of the entire world by Islam, people whose holy book (the Koran) have declared all non-Moslems to be their enemy? These Moslem fanatics will not compromise on anything except as a temporary tactic until they are strong enough to pursue their offensive jihad again. We must do what is in our own interests and never rely on religious Moslems for anything. They have declared us to be their enemies no matter how nicely we behave toward them. They cannot be bought off. They will eagerly take our money, our goods and our services, but they will not call off their 1400-year old Islamic war against us.

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