January 28th, 2010
03:33 PM ET
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  1. MAJ Corona (U.S. Army)

    The US Afghanistan exit strategy is centered on assisting the Afghanistan people with building a state government that is able to provide—at minimum—a modicum of security and governance.
    I agree with the Germany’s new Afghanistan strategy, because it falls in line with the US exit strategy.
    More attention and resources are being devoted to developing Afghanistan security forces. The first requirement for success in the counterinsurgency campaign is to secure the population. The US continues to solicit assistance and resources from the international community to help develop a self sufficient Afghanistan national security force and Germany’s new strategy will help realize the emergence of a sufficient Afghanistan national security force.
    Insurgencies can be won or lost at the local level, because securing the support of the population requires understanding the specific issues that cause it to sympathize with one side or the other. Local communities are unlikely to assist the International Security Assistance Force and the Afghanistan government until these entities demonstrates that they are fully willing and able to drive out the Taliban and provide some level of lasting security and competent governance. Seizing the initiative from the Taliban and reestablishing political order requires securing the population, developing an understanding of the needs of local communities, and then addressing their needs before the insurgents can exploit the situation to their own ends. A grand strategy in helping the local communities’ address their needs will help to strengthen the legitimacy of the central government and that grand strategy is underway. The German forces will do less convoy patrols in their armored vehicles and more foot patrol with local Afghanistan forces. This partnership will provide the local authorities with technical advice critically needed to help the Afghan local communities become self sufficient. Germany’s strategy includes pledges of millions of dollars to support civil reconstruction programs.
    This grand strategy to help the local communities enforce law followed by the commitment of support for reconstruction programs is the correct approach to win the hearts and minds of the Afghanistan people.

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  2. binladin10000

    Why should the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan discuss peace with the invaders or its stooges, who have no legal authority in determining the faith of Afghanistan and its people, that authority only belongs to the people of Afghanistan. These types of statements from the invaders and its stooges are to hide their defeat in Afghanistan. We the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the world keeps hearing about meetings taking places between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the invaders and its stooges, be it in Saudi Arabia or Dubai, we the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the world would like to see some evident of these meetings, the names of the individuals who have participated in these meetings, because no member of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has taking part in any of these meetings, be it in Saudi Arabia or Dubai, these type of false statements by the invaders and its stooges are to confuse the people, thus diverting the realities of the invasion.

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  3. Andrew Foster

    No one tactic will solve the whole problem, but bribery should not be ruled out as pne recourse among others. Iraq is a recent example of its partial efficacy, along with innumerable historical ones. The shift in German thinking is commendable in showing openness and flexibility, and certainly it is true that mutuality and solidarity with a significant number of Afghans must be achieved.

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  4. Larry

    It is about some one besides the United States & England started to do something to help support This War!!! Now if the rest of The Country involved would do the same thing... This war will be over soon!!!

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  5. marymary4868

    I think that money bribes won't work either,nor sending in thousands of troups from the U.S. , as they can spot them miles and miles away, as I'm sure they have many check pt's before their camps. I think teams of highly skilled special OP'S may have a chance of cleaning up allot of these nests, and the troups as a trojan hourse could work, but I am just an every day joe blow w/ nothing to go on except common sense.

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  6. Wayne Hinnant

    Why does it seem the less informed an individual is about a given subject, the more certain that individual is in the validity of "black or white" problem resolution?

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  7. Ret SFC

    Hearts and minds. The people of Afghanistan, yes, even the Taliban, are a poor and humble people with pride, love, anger, sadness, a mixture of humanity. Show them some respect, and you can win many over. Don't worry, the true scum bags will still fight us; we will find and kill them eventually. Similar to the Awakening Councils Plan in Iraq. That, PLUS The Surge is what turned the tide in Iraq.

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  8. Cliff Vegas

    Smart move. Bribery has proven an effective tool for winding down insurgent activity through history. One only need read the histories of King Darius and Xerxes of the ancient Persian Empire to find early examples. Examine the various wars of Asia, Europe and yes, even here in early American history. After the successful conclusion of the American Revolution (also rife with bribery) the nascent federal and state governments used bribery (aka 'negotiations') in many dealings with indigenous tribes then the Spanish, the French, and... dare I say it... Texans. Bribery does two things – it removes marginally committed forces out of the reach of the die-hard fanatic organizers and reduces military threats without a single bullet or missile fired. Lives are saved, and in some ways you can think of it as economic stimulus. The person who takes the bribe is economically enriched and may go on to rejoin productive society. Note also that American forces used bribes to greatly reduce insurgent problems in Iraq.

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  9. Bob

    "The suggestion of offering money to Talbian who desert is really dumb, on many counts."

    That's not the plan. Listen to what they're saying, the money is going to be put straight into developmental projects, essential services, etc. It's stuff that the entire population needs.

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  10. cane pazzo

    I agree, the only thing these murderers understand is a bullet between the eyes. War is not pretty, it can not be sanitized. I am not advocating war, but once the decision is taken the strategy should be to win and do it quickly.


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  11. catrina velez

    The suggestion of offering money to Talbian who desert is really dumb, on many counts. First of all, you cannot reason with religious fanatics; such an offer just gives them a chance to parade themselves as morally pure for refusing to accept, while still going out and killing people. Bribery is the opposite of torture, but both produce surprisingly similar results:unreliable information.Offering money to induce Taliban to desert is just like inviting suicide bombers for a cup of tea. They will willingly pose as deserters just in order to get into our bases and detonate themselves, like that Jordanian doctor who blew himself up, killing those CIA personnel. For the safety of all the soldiers serving in Afghanistan, I hope this suggestion is discarded.

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