January 26th, 2010
11:14 AM ET
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  1. sanud002

    I gues I don't mind that we are sending more troops over there but I do think that if we are planning on having a U.S. troop withdrawal anytime soon this will obviously not help our numbers. I think that there are better solutions we may want to search out for the future. Much in the same way we no longer need as many troops in the field because we have many unmanned vehicles that can do their jobs, we should take advantage of virtual technologies to train other countries armed forces. This will greatly reduce the need of our troops being sent abroad. I just recently saw a great video all about how these how these virtual technologies are being put to use for our own troops training. I'll post a link if you would like to learn more for yourself. Its pretty innovative stuff!


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  2. Larry

    All Obama is trying to do is finish the War that Bush started in the first place... The United States has more troops in there than anyone else!!!

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  3. israel

    i am willing to join the british army in iraq. it pains me to see british personal dying. i what to be part of barack obama's mission.

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  4. La Viro


    Your claim that Muslims won't fight other Muslims seems to be pretty shaky considering how many wars Muslims have fought against one another, and how they routinely target their own "fellow muslims" in suicide attacks, shootings and kidnappings.

    As a matter of fact, Iran and Iraq, two Muslim countries, went to war for nearly a decade and killed millions of each other's people in a bloody and pointless war in which all sides were Muslim. So you can talk all you want about how you think Muslims won't fight each other, but all the evidence points to the contrary.

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  5. Larry

    Patrick: You can not blame Obama for that... He told Congress & The Senate that the money for the Military was suppose to go to Afghanistan!!! He can not be responsible what They do with the money after that... Us vets at Home aren't being taken care of either!!! I blame the Republicans for that,,, Because Bush took the money from the Military here & took The Troops out of there to cover His War in Iraq!!!

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  6. Chris

    Abdulameer: I have been in Iraq and fought along side American Muslims and Iraqi Muslims. Neither had any problem raising thier rifles and pulling the trigger against a common enemy. I can't give you any more proof than that. They will kill another Muslim if they think doing so will protect themselves and thier family.

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  7. Abdulameer

    To John Lemire:
    You misread what I wrote. Of course, Moslems kill Moslems. They do it all the time, and they have done it for 1400 years. They have various reasons for doing so.

    What I said was that they will not kill their Moslems brothers in order to serve our, non-Moslems, interests. We are trying to get Moslem Afghan soldiers and policemen to kill their Moslem Afghan brothers from the Taliban. Why should they do that? Why haven't they done that - after eight years of our making war in that country? The reason is that they feel much closer to their Taliban Moslem brothers than they feel toward us non-Moslems whom the Koran says are their enemies. Both they and the Taliban want Sharia law and all that Sharia law implies.

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  8. Abdulameer

    To Larry:
    We should not be in Afghanistan in order to help Afghanistan. We should be looking out for American interests which means preventing Afghanistan from being used as a base of international terrorism and support for al Qaeda. Any goal beyond that is not in our interests. Any policy designed to win the hearts and minds of Moslems is doomed to failure because their hearts and minds are dedicated to Islam which has declared all non-Moslems to be the enemy.

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  9. Patrick

    The reporter who did this story should come back and do a follow up on why non of the 10th mtn soldiers that are training the afgan army are not getting paid to be here. I'm on of them. We are suppose to be the president's main effort. HA...we cant even get pay the right amount of money.

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  10. Larry

    This Country really should say how Other Countries should be run... This Country sure isn't doing such a good job itself!!! The American People are losing more rights every day so that The Fue can get what They want...

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  11. John Lemire

    Who's ignorant Abdulameer? Moslems won't kill Moslems becaue it says so in the Koran? Pick up a newspaper every now then dude. I have no idea whether or not the U.S. will be successful or not in Afghanistan but any kind of government would be better than the Taliban. Those guys did nothing but dole out punishment on their brother Muslims, No education, no infrastructure no nothing.

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  12. Larry

    Enver Khorasanee: Could it be because those that fault the Russians are to old to fight the war today??? It would be just like Our Country taking Those that Fault in the Vietnam & Korean Wars to fight in Iraq & Afghanistan!!! We are to old to fight in those war...

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  13. Larry

    Enver Khorasanes: If You just train the Military & Police that will not work... You have to fix it so The People are trained to take care of Themselves too... We did that in Korea & Vietnam... The problem with doing that is They compete with us will low salary compare to what is Cost for salary here!!! We need Government to protect Us so that doesn't keep happening to us... We can not afford to have the American People working for low wages like we are now!!! Our cost of living is way higher than Those Country...

    The People in Thailand gets paid low wages... But you can buy a House there for 37,000 American Money... It is a lot for them... But more of them have Homes than the People have in this Country... Food is a lot cheaper but gasoline cost is about the same!!! They drive motor bikes because of Cars because it is cheaper... But at least they can afford gasoline... The others drive old cars because They can't afford New... Those that Buy new are either Foreigners are College Graduates... Here college Graduates can't ever get a job today!!! To many of them plus all the other People they have to compete with... There is 6 People applying for 1 job today...

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  14. Larry

    Adulameer: Why do You think The Americans join Our Service??? I don't see Them killing Their own People... The Muslims deserve the same chance as Our does!!! Would You rather have Our Troops there forever??? The 2 Wars is what is breaking This Country!!! We can not afford to pay for it forever,,, Bush Sr should have finish Iraq when He had a chance... Bush Jr should never started the Iraq War & put the troops into Afghanistan instead!!! He He would have done what Obama is doing now by training the Country to take care of Themselves it have been over a long time ago...

    It's funny how People are happy that we are sticking Our money into Haiti to rebuild it!!! But don't think We should help Iraq & Afghanistan... I wish the American People would help The People in The United States like They are willing To help People from Poor Countries... I was taught that Charity begins at home!!!

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  15. Larry

    Dawn: There has been all through times that A few made things bad for the rest... There are more Good Muslim that there are bad... During WWll They blamed the Jewish & Japanese People for what was going on during the war!!! Hitler with the Jews & Gypsy... The United States did it to the Japanese American!!!

    I see wrongs in This Country... Like the Illegals, Salary, & How Attorneys, Insurance Company & Corporations is making thing bad for the rest of us!!!

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  16. Enver Khorasanee

    We are training a whole new set of Afghans and Pathans to defeat the same Afghans and Pathans we trained so well who defeated the Russians. Maybe we should hire back those guys once again. Learning curve will be much less and very cost efficient. Where is the nearest bar?
    Enver Khorasanee

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  17. Ryan

    There are many reasons that we keep training the armies of countries that we occupy. We do the same things with our soldiers, we train them to be fearless and to obey orders at any cost. As mentioned by the gentlemen above, we have had two soldiers turn against us. Taking that in how many Muslim armed force members do we currently have ? There is always going to be bad with good. No matter what perspective you look at there will always be a negative side. I personally think that they are training them to aid us. Otherwise why would we?

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  18. Larry

    Jo: Killing anyone especially Children is not right for anyone to do to support Their way of Life!!! The only way to stop fighting there... Is to make the People to be in better shape of living than They are now!!! Look what is happening to The United States because of the greed of the 2 percent of The People... All Country spending is from the Poor & Middle Class... Not the Rich & Big Corporations!!! That is why not only This Country but all Country the People have to have a chance to survive...

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  19. Larry

    Andrew Chin: I was in the Army for 6 years and lose a lot of My Friends in Vietnam!!! It was a lot completely war than we are having now... But I feel if We were not there... That that Country today would be under Communist!!! In Iraq We are training the People to take care of Themselves... If Bush would have done that instead of killing Them... Maybe That War would have been over a long time ago!!! Not only will We get the troops out of Their... But by doing the same thing in Afghanistan... We will hopefully have Our Troops out of there in a few years!!!

    We have to train the People to defend & take care of Themselves!!! This Country would never survive if We didn't do it Ourselves... The problem is This Country is starting to go back wards... That is why We have the mess We have today!!!

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  20. CD

    It's not stupid it is accually smart because if we can train them to protect themselves we can pull out

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  21. Abdulameer

    "Greed and oil are making the Americans hard headed"????? Eh, what? I didn't know that we were after Afghanistan's oil and other resources. Where is your evidence for that?

    You are certainly right that religion is making the Muslims hard headed. There is no doubt about that. In fact, that is the understatement of the year.

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  22. jo

    Hey, If the taliban who are muslims, are killing the small children of other muslims, then I think in this case its ok to go against the kuran, The taliban were going against it when they killed these muslims children with the IED's.

    Either or, This is a war that will be never won, America is just barking up the wrong tree on this one, because religion is making the muslims hard headed, and greed and money and oil are making the american hard headed. Both of them will be fightiiing foreeeverrrrr. Until theres no one left.

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  23. Andrew Chin

    I feel that most of the time it is a norm of the American Army training other related allies let it be a muslim or non muslim ones as long as it serves the American Security Net Policies Worlwide .
    Needless to say it also need a strong gut for ones to put themselves in uniform , trained under the American Army and then later are left to fend for themselves in years to come .
    These peoples had gambled not only with their lives , that of their families and relatives but also their future cos if one fine day , the American Army left in a sudden then it is up to those that are trained to make their stand or disappeared into the darkness but will ultimately be hunted down and butchered wholesale .......
    These American Trained Army will hence have to trained hard and lived hard inorder to be able to survive in their own land should the American Army leave ......unless they are turncoat which had been promised that they are spared by their enemies but ultimatley will be disposed off when the enemy had in full control of the machinery of governance at the end of the day .
    But at the end of the day , May God have Mercy on all mankind ; let it be of a good clause or a failed one .

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  24. chris

    Abdulameer, clearly you have no education in the history of Islam. Muslims have been killing each other for hundreds of years. This was so clear in Iraq with the retaliatory sectarian killings between sunnis and shias. Also your notion that all religious Muslims are instructed to view non-Muslims as the enemy are absurd, the majority of Muslims favor friendship between faiths, as with most Christians and Jews and other religions. It is radical fundamentalists and ignorant people such as yourself that promote hate and conflict in the world.

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  25. Dawn

    It wasn't very long ago that I read about an Afghan army trainee shooting 2 of our troops in the back. Is this why they are joining-to get next to our troops? How long have we been in Afghanistan? 9 years! If we haven't trained an afghan army by now, how long will it take. The afghan people are not going to defend themselves as long as we are there to do it for them.

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  26. Abdulameer

    Why are they joining the army? Because it's a job. You think they will turn their guns on their Moslem brothers because we are training them to do so. We will see. I think this policy is doomed to failure. After eight years of fighting there, we seem no closer to victory over the Taliban then right after we ousted them from power. We have already been fighting in Afghanistan twice as long as we fought in World War Two! Even our own leaders are admitting that the Taliban are getting stronger, not weaker. Our policy is based on winning the hearts and minds of Moslems. This is quite impossible. It has never happened, and there is no sign that it will.

    And where does Ken find evidence that Moslems in our Army are fulfilling their duty with pride and honor??? This wishful thinking already cost the lives of 14 people, not counting the two that were murdered by a Moslem American soldier at the start of the Iraq war. Dollars to doughnuts there will be more.

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  27. Larry

    AdulaMeir: We have been doing it with the People in Iraq and it works there!!! Why not do the same thing in Afghanistan??? Don't think it as train Muslims.. But think it's training People to stand up on Their own!!! Not all Muslim are bad... Just as all the Other People are not bad... There are bad in all Religion, People & Politicians!!!

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  28. Larry

    Not only does the Military have to train Their Military but also have to train them to get education, work & the Police Force... They also have to train Them to be farmers & how to get water to Their areas!!! When they will learn all that They will be independent of us...

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  29. Robin

    This means that muslims training under Americans will be seen as traitors to some, correct? Will these same Muslims receiving military training by the Americans be endangering their lives then, does anyone know?

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  30. Ken

    Why are these soldiers joining their army to defend their nation then? It's not like they don't understand what they are doing. Not to mention, Muslims serve in the US Army and they fulfill their duty with pride and honor(minus one obviously).

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  31. Sara

    Well, when militant groups are blowing up buses full of explosives, killing 10+ civilians (who are Muslim), I say Afghan civilians would want an Army to protect them!

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  32. Abdulameer

    This has to be the most stupid and ignorant policy! Why are we, non-Moslems, training a Moslem army? All religious Moslems are instructed to view us, non-Moslems, as the enemy, and to view all other Moslems, including the Taliban, as their brothers whom it is illegal to kill. There is no way that we can get Moslem Afghan soldiers to kill Moslem Afghan Taliban for our non-Moslem purposes. Such policy is doomed to failure.
    The Koran plainly says: "It is unlawful for a Muslim to kill another Muslim, except by accident." Are we seriously expecting Moslem Afghans to violate the Koran because we ask them to do so?

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