January 21st, 2010
07:15 PM ET

Biblical references and gun scopes?

A manufacturer that has been inscribing Bible references on rifle sights used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan announced Thursday that it will stop putting scripture references on products the U.S. military uses. ABC first reported the story earlier this week, saying that some of the citations on the sights included "2COR4:6," an apparent reference to 2 Corinthians 4:6 of the New Testament and JN8:12, apparently referring to John 8:12. On its Web site Wednesday, the Muslim Public Affairs Council said the references "feed into the violent extremists' narrative that the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are a 'crusade against Islam.'"

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  1. Rafiq

    An American working in Baghdad for a US Government department mentioned to me that in 2003 about 10% of US army personnel were racist, with each subsequent new contingent the percentage increased and about 3 years ago (when my conversation took place) the percentage had risen to well over 50%. A disturbing trend. Reading the US military newspaper "Stars and Stripes" even US military staff complain how 'the Evangelists' have free access to all military basis both back home and in the field.

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  2. HM2

    I am currently stationed in Afghanistan, it makes no difference what is on your sight. If it makes the company feel a bit better letting our soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors go into battle with a bible verse who are we to complain. No one knew it was there and if they did, they didn't know what it meant. The media spins some things that have no business being spun up. All i'm concerned with is that the sights work against those who are trying to kill you. As long as the aim is correct then the day was good.

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  3. Robert Batson exmarine pfc

    The last time I read the New Testament, I got the impression that violence was frowned upon.
    I don't think Jesus would approve of using his word on a rifle sight. But if it works and the aim is true who am I to complain.

    Robert Batson

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  4. A. Smith, Oregon

    Thou Shalt Not Kill.

    How is that not clear? Video releases pertaining to this story show Christian self-titled Army Chaplains urging their fellow troops to murder the Muslims.

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  5. Don

    The bible refrences have been on the sights for years. Mine has the JN8:12 on it. I've been to iraq and afgahnistan with these very sights and I have never met a marine that was aware of this reference until it exploded into the media. I was unaware until recently aswell. This "Crusade against islam" is purely fictional. This is Trijicons signature and as far as im concerened whether the markings are there or not the sights are still used exactly the same way. Except now the government is going to spend thosands of dollars recalling and reissuing because of a few letters on the side of a scope. So much for that free speech thing i decided to fight for when i turned 18.
    This whole thing is rediculous.

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  6. Col Gregory Breazile

    I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and had to conduct a live interview on Aljazeera English yesterday on this topic. It was a tough interview but I survived. It is disappointing that we have to deal with situations like this when we are fighting a counterinsurgency. We are currently figuring out a method to grind off the bible references. We'll get it done.

    Semper Fi,

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  7. Abdulameer

    Whether we SHOULD be fighting Islam is another question. After all, Islam is fighting us. The Koran specifically says that all non-Moslems (that's us!) are subhuman enemies. Allah in the Koran commands Moslems to make war against non-Moslems until Islam reigns supreme in the world. The most popular manual of Sharia law says: "Jihad means to make war on non-Muslims."

    So, Islam has been making war against us for 1400 years, but we haven't lifted a finger to defend ourselves.

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  8. Abdulameer

    The Muslim Public Affairs Council will use any triviality to garner sympathy for the poor Moslems who are presumably being crusaded against. This is utter nonsense. America, including the American military forces, have an explicit policy designed to protect Islam, not crusade against it. In both Iraq and Afghanistan we have created constitutions which protect Islam and prohibit any legislation which might conflict with Islam. This is a crusade? Beware of Moslem liars like the Muslim Public Affairs Council. If we were crusading against Islam, we would be bombing their religious centers, but we are protecting them, not bombing them. The only people bombing mosques are other Moslems.

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