January 4th, 2010
07:35 AM ET

Taliban factions compete for credit in CIA bombing deaths

U.S. enemies seem to be competing to garner credit for last week's suicide bombing that killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan. The varying claims of responsibility from Taliban groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan may be both complementary and competitive as militants seek to spread the word and attract fresh donations and recruits, analysts said Sunday.

"It's a tremendous boost for any group out there that can claim killing CIA" officers, said Richard Barrett, coordinator of the United Nations Taliban and al Qaeda Monitoring Team.  Details about Wednesday's attack are murky.

Read the full story from CNN's Tom Cohen

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  1. steve parks

    Dead troops are one thing.Dead terrorists are another.Too bad for the families of the victims,not a good thing.However,the CIA are some of the biggest crooks and murderers in the world.Responsible for 9-11,the JFK assassination,etc.,etc.This probably won't get posted,but oh,well.That's my opinion.The CIA is causing more problems than they fix(if they fix any).Protectors of the US,or enforcers of the will of crooked politicians.You decide.

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