January 4th, 2010
09:43 PM ET

Source: Double-agent killed 7 CIA officers in suicide blast

The suicide bomber who killed seven CIA officials and a Jordanian military officer last week in Afghanistan was a Jordanian double-agent, a former U.S. intelligence official told CNN Monday.

The bomber was a source who came to the base camp in Khost near the Pakistan border for a meeting on December 30, a senior U.S. official also confirmed.

The man had been used by both countries' intelligence services in the past, and had provided information about high-value targets, the senior U.S. official said.

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  1. A. Smith, Oregon

    The Jordanian Doctor was likely a doctor the CIA used to oversee the prisoners in the CIA secret prison in Jordan prior to being recruited as a CIA field agent. His cover story was he was jailed in Jordan where he was recruited by the Jordanian Intelligence organization.

    What caused the Jordanian MD CIA field agent to turn against his fellow agents and former CIA base commander?

    It appears that event took place one month earlier when the CIA with formerly named Blackwater employees conducted a midnight raid in Afghanistan which President Karzi stated slaughtered a large number of Afghanistan children and young men. President Karzi also directly singled out the CIA as the ones that conducted that raid.

    Was the Jordanian MD's children among those victims? Did the Jordanian MD know some of the murdered children?

    The midnight raid appears to directly have triggered the Jordanian MD CIA field agent to suddenly decide to take his own life along with the lives of as many CIA agents and formerly named Blackwater employees as he could. A month later, he appears to have largely succeeded in doing that

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  2. Larry Lawson

    How could a military base of sorts let thisw man in to kill Americans without searching him with a explosives sniffing dog , or some other method. This was a total breakdown in security. The Talliban are laughing at the United States right now. If this is the way are security is over there we have no security at all. It is pathetic and uncalled for, and I blame President Obama for not doing his job . He is supposed to be the commmander and cheif of the United States Military. Clearly he is not Qualified to be Commander and Cheif of the greatest millitary in the world. Prove me wrong Mr. Obama, show the people you have a backbone, and will not tollerate these attacks on United States people. You have failed as Commander and cheif in my book, and I'm sure millions of Americans agree.

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