December 30th, 2009
03:21 PM ET

Taliban claims responsibility for bombing

Update 12/31/2009: The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing Wednesday that killed eight Americans believed to be CIA employees.  In a message posted on its Web site, the Taliban said an Afghan National Army soldier detonated his explosives-packed vest, killing 20 people and injuring 25 others. A spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force's (ISAF) Joint Command would not comment on the claim that a soldier was involved, saying the force was still gathering information. More details

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) - Eight Americans were killed in a suicide bombing Wednesday at a military base in eastern Afghanistan, according to a U.S. military official and a U.S. Embassy official.

A suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest attacked Forward Operating Base Chapman near the district of Khost in Khost province, said a third official, who asked not to be named. The military official said the eight people were not from the military.

There were conflicting reports as to whether the bomber walked into the dining facility or the gym at the base.

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  1. A. Smith, Oregon

    From the CNN informational documents:

    The Haqqani network which is blamed for the recent bombing attack upon the CIA is run by Jalaluddin Haqqani and his son, Sirajuddin Haqqani.

    Jaluluddin Haqqani was a mujahideen fighter against the Soviets in the 1980s, and he was funded by the CIA through the Pakistani intelligence, the ISI. 20 years after the fact that Jaluluddin Haqqani was once seen as an ally, he recognizes the CIA as truly evil people and is now targeting the CIA.

    Missing from News Media's in depth reporting on this is the fact that President Karzi recently fingered the CIA as the ones that carried out a midnight raid which murdered a large number of Afghanistan young male civilians. That act of evil resulted in a regional outrage by the Afghanistan people against the American troops stationed there.

    When Osama bin Ladin was a mujahideen fighter against the Soviets in the 1980s, was he also funded by the CIA through the Pakistani intelligence, the ISI? CNN Special Investigative Reporters should see if Osama bin Ladin was at one time on the CIA payroll. I believe a vast majority of Americans would appreciate learning if he was.

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  2. MJ

    That's it. I, for one, have had it. Destroy the Taliban and Al Qaeda; no discussion, no negotiation, no pandering. Total destruction. I want to see not only all Taliban and Al Qaeda killed, but their families - their wives or husbands, their children, their brothers and sisters, their nieces and nephews, their cousins, their grandparents, their friends, their associates, their business partners.

    This is what these creatures believe in - so-called "family" (or should I say arranged marriages and cult-brainwashed children, themselves committed to killing 'infidels'). So destroy their family. And go beyond that; destroy anybody they associate with. Destroy entire communities if you have to.

    They believe in clans? Then destroy the clans. They believe in community and relationships? Then destroy their communities and relationships.

    Be vicious, be destructive, use nuclear weapons or poison or biological warfare, I could care less. Destroy completely.

    Think I’m extreme? Then ask yourself this: if you could have destroyed the NAZI regime in 1934 by killing them - and their children - would you have? If killing all Nazi party children would have saved 6 million Jews - and 40 million others - would you have killed the Nazi children?

    Would you?

    I rest my case.

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  3. Bryan H.

    What people do not understand is that, "It's all a scam". Life's a scam. It's obvious that those people do not want us over there. It's obvious that the U.S. wants to take over that area. Let's pull all of our people out of there and then turn the area into glass. It will only help our future. Young extremists are being recruited and trained to go out and kill us, even while I type this. The history of the world is war. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. If you think for a moment that it is any different, you need to open your eyes.

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  4. A. Smith, Oregon

    Creditable reports from Allied Military Commanders in Afghanistan have all indicated the reason the vast Opium Fields have greatly expanded and are not being destroyed is directly due to the CIA ordering them to leave them alone.

    Afghanistan President Karzi's and his brother are both on the CIA payroll and the brother is known to be one of the country's major Opium exporters.

    Cheap Heroin made from those same Afghanistan Opium fields is flooding the grade schools in rural America in the form known as 'cheese heroin' which is extremely addictive to America's grade school children.

    Flooding the world and particularly rural and metro city's across America with cheap Heroin is one of the most evil of acts. Destroying entire community's, taking thousands of lives and spreading a plague of violence across the region. And the involvement of the CIA with enabling that flood of Heroin is documented by the GAO (US Gov Accounting Office).

    The CIA created the Pakistani ISI agency, which is directly linked to the planning and intelligence support to the terrorists that murdered over 100 Indian civilians in Mumbai.

    Who taught the Muslim extremists to use power drills to interrogate prisoners? I'm completely convinced the CIA using American taxpayer dollars produced the torture manuals showing the medically worse places in the arms, shoulders, upper and lower legs, and shin areas to insert a power drill bit to inflect horrific pain and torture.

    The CIA are evil people and apparently there are 8 fewer of them now.

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  5. brian

    A Smith from Oregon you are a terrible human being. May god bless those that gave their lives for this country and their families in this terrible time.

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  6. bob

    the people who were killed were gov. people.

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  7. rajathooja

    honestly, and this is credible intel, the CIA is a distraction used to shield the more critical agencies such as DIA, AIA or NSA (just used an example... i'm sure there are better targets out there.)

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  8. David Larsen

    While watching CNN this morning, I saw no mention of the four Canadian soldiers and one reporter killed in Afganistan. Is a Canadian soldiers death not worthy of your airtime?
    Our Canadian news media cover all of the American events without question. You're not alone over there.

    December 31, 2009 at 7:11 am | Report abuse |
  9. d. u.

    Also the Talibs drove out the Mujhadeen warlords(those CIA/ISI cut throats) precisely because of what they were–cut throats. Once in power, the Talibs wanted to stay and force their own brand of corruption onto the Afghan people. The Paks are more culpable for this situation than the CIA of Clinton's presidency.

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  10. d. urbanski

    Get your facts straight: The ISI (Pakistan's inteeligence service) created and backed the Taliban. The CIA backed the Mujahadeen during the Soviet invasion. We lost interest after the Soviets left and the Paks filled the void when the Talibs got going. We didn't klnow what to do about the Talibs until Osama Bin Laden becames their benifactor. (Ref "Ghost Wars" and the "RAND National Defense Institute Study–Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan""

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  11. Geoffrey Garber

    How was this suicide bomber able to kill 8 people!

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  12. SSG Bell

    My sympathies to the families of the fallen. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten by your brothers in arms, ever.

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  13. A. Smith, Oregon

    The CIA created the Taliban to fight Russian troops in Afghanistan. The CIA instructed and trained the CIA to make IED's and how to torture its captives for information.

    It is either entirely ironic or a refreshing dose of KARMA that a large group of CIA agents were blown up today in Afghanistan by the very same band of cut-throats the CIA created and trained during the 1980's.

    The line as to who the evil is, seems blurred in this attack. The suicide bomber or the CIA that trained the bombers to murder thousands of Afghan and American soldiers?

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  14. frank

    remmber we attacked them !!

    December 30, 2009 at 10:23 pm | Report abuse |
  15. hmmm

    Turns out they were CIA. Seems like the "drones" weren't very helpful in this case.

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  16. korvptvs

    Why haven't we made an airport out of this place yet? Also it's ironic that the story mentioned civilians killed in the same paragraph as CIA killed? Wake up people were being lied to again. Wether it's the Gov/Press it's got to stop. Stop sugar coating that were in a war that will never end. They have their beliefs and their willing to die for them. How unfortuant that good people will be wasted.

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  17. NewsComment

    Only 8? And how many people did they kill? So lets make it a big deal that ONLY 8 got killed and not the 800,000 other that were killed by them. i can't believe that people think the 911 was a terrorist act and not an inside job and obviously the Dec 25 airline thing was a setup.

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  18. steven

    How many more people have to die in Afghanistan before Obama ends his stupid war there?

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  19. Steven Steed

    And we question airport security??????? How does a suicide bomber get through security and onto a military base?????? KILLED EIGHT PEOPLE. Why is this not the top security story????

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