December 27th, 2009
10:11 AM ET

Rocket lands on Afghan ministry grounds

A rocket struck the grounds of the Afghan interior ministry Saturday, but did not cause any casualties, authorities said.

The attack took place Saturday night, said Zahir Azimi, a spokesman for the defense ministry. He did not offer additional details.

The ministry is in the heart of the capital city, close to the presidential palace.

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  1. A. Smith, Oregon

    The American propped up government in Afghanistan is seen as largely corrupt and not widely supported by the Afghanistan people. Taking a page out of the cold war era book, the Russian KGB installed their Afghanistan leader and government in the 1980's, much like the American CIA installed their friend Karzi and his brother into their Governmental roles 15 years later.

    The Russian KGB installed Afghanistan leader was murdered shortly after Russia withdrew its troops 1990 and their government collapsed. I expect the same to happen in Afghanistan the moment American troops leave Afghanistan. Either the much disliked President Karzi will stay and likely be murdered, or he'll flee to a luxury resort paid by the US taxpayers for the rest of his remaining life.

    It's no surprise that occasional mortar rounds and attempts on that corrupt rulers life occur on a semi-regular basis there in Afghanistan.

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  2. Anthony

    I don't think soldiers in Afghanistan are working enough towards putting an end to the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, i know they are sacrificing their life but i think its time they end that war by getting information from those terrorist they manage to arrest like the Nigerian man that wants to blow up the air craft

    December 28, 2009 at 12:24 am | Report abuse |