December 24th, 2009
06:56 AM ET

Colorful trucks bring Pakistan's roadways to life

It's my first trip to Pakistan, and one of the things that immediately jumped out is the trucks. I realize that sounds strange, but the trucks here are like no other I have ever seen. They are not lumbering and drab monstrosities but a canvas of spectacular and intricate art, a kaleidoscope of exploding colors. I am not one to have much patience for traffic, but here I could sit and watch the roads for hours. Each truck is unique, each a different combination of designs, poetry and other adornments.

What made the "truck art" even more intriguing was just how intricate it is. The designs are made up of tiny pieces of tape, all done by hand. The artisans' fingers move at breathtaking speed and precision.

As a friend and colleague of ours, Kevin Flower, said after seeing a photograph I sent out, "The ultimate pimp my ride. ... I’m going to bring my wheels to Islamabad for a cosmetic upgrade."

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