December 24th, 2009
12:21 PM ET
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  1. 1st Gen American

    Mazhar seems like you shouldn't be living in this country then. Some of your statements border on radicalism. Maybe you should go to Afghanistan and share your thoughts there, not here, Americans have no time to listen to your militant views. I love America as much as anyone can love their homeland and can't stand it when I see comments such as yours. Our Founding Fathers built this great nation on the fact that it IS a nation of people from all over the world – whether its a first generation American like myself, or those Americans whose ancestors landed on the colonial shores – coming together under one notion, FREEDOM. I feel for the Afhgan people, but it is not the fault of America, the Taliban and AQ are to blame, no one else. I don't normally make comments such as this but the instant I read your comments I couldn't leave it at that. Good luck with those radical views, it may come back to bite you.

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  2. Mazhar Mirza

    It is quite interesting to live and work with americans who claim to be a nation whereas the truth is they are not a nation just a mob gathered from all over the world in the United states.
    I have observed that americans heros has always been movie characters which are produced by the hollywood like, james bond,and the heros who played the main role in several other movies like first bollod,mission impossible etc.
    I have to make a very sincere request to my american fellows that instead of wasting american peoples money on a futile and aimless war and creating trouble for so many other people,james bond or sylvester stallone should be sent to afghanistatn to bail out the tired,worn ouit,mentaly incapacitated nation and american army.
    It will certainly work,i assure.

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  3. anonomous

    Will people be able to watch it in the US?

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  4. Dr. Don Persons

    Actually, this movie sounds perfect. I hope to see it some day. Hope our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan can relax and enjoy this too!

    Dr. D.

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  5. A. Smith, Oregon

    I guess when the American CIA has installed the newest leader in Afghanistan (President Karzi) and had a hand in many of Afghanistan's affairs for the past 30 years that spies and covert operations have a ready made audience in Afghanistan and the few country's in the middle-east that are not entirely Muslim ruled.

    Timothy Dalton who played James Bond and nearly destroyed the role, starred in 'The Living Daylights' in which it depicted the 'friendly' Taliban. That was not very historically accurate even in 1987 as the British troops had long been aware of the extreme brutality and torture of captives by the Taliban upon British and Russian soldiers.

    Nonetheless, like many 'Hollywood' art pieces, the dramatic and impossible plots are quickly solved and within 60 minutes they reach a climax and successful resolution. I can certainly understand Afghanistan people wanting a successful resolution and a end of attacks and bombing raids. However with neighboring India and Pakistan fighting a proxy war there in Afghanistan using the Pastun fighters vs the Taliban fighters as their combatants I don't see any extreme reduction in brutality or casualtys there in Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile, I would suggest the Afghanistan people enjoy this unique view of spies and covert operations on their TV screens, when the Taliban return shortly after the American troops pull out, their TV's and TV stations will likely be destroyed and shut-down.

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