December 22nd, 2009
10:34 AM ET
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  1. asil

    i was whaching the video that your staff at kabul were looking for x-mas tree which is very hard to find in afghanistan but bcz of the many foreigners living in afghanistan specially in kabul now busness people trying to provide the mostly needed stuff which are purchsed by forgrners in the place called (chiken street or the other side flower street ) i am not saying to not celebrate your holy day but in the country like afghanistan which went trough a long war for more 3 decads and during the war warloards cute down evry green tree specially in kabul city so kabul municipality buying each of the those and bcz of no irrigation system they watering those tree by very short equipment which are planted newly and u can say that is only green hill top which is lift over out of land maffia's os what do think cuting one of those tree which is gorwing with alot problems was not worthe more that 600$ which ur staff was talking about . i would say that was not a good action to do even they could ask there local staff to get permission. i hope u hundrestand .

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  2. j

    I was thinking about treeless afgan, and then though why do you need an x-mas tree in a war zone. it may be one thing to put up a tree in the states.

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  3. A. Smith, Oregon

    After searching the bleak and desolate war torn landscape, a single tree was located and cut down in a ancient Babylonian ritual celebrating the return of the Babylonian Sun God, the Yule tree seems like a rather large sacrifice when so few trees and far fewer forests around the world now exist.

    Do Christians actually know which religion they borrowed the Yule Tree from? Its litergy or rituals to which it was used and given? Sometimes when a civilization steals a theology or ritual from another civilization, the ripped version is not fully intact like many pirated DVD's today. History it seems is a cruel reminder of how the means justifies the having.

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