December 21st, 2009
10:29 AM ET
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  1. Kelli

    Someone has to staff rural clinics. Considering the high level of illiteracy, it is unreasonable to think we can train and staff up rural clinics immediately. The US military and other US agencies like Provincial Reconstruction Teams and USAID have built clinics in coordination with local officials only to find they cannot get them staffed as promised. Finally, our mission is sustainability and capacity building. We cannot provide medical services out of transformed shipping containers indefinitely, that only harms Afghans when we leave.

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  2. Steven Hearst

    Have You ever heard of shipping-containers transformed into hospital-units complete with water-tanks and generators? It actually exists and are being used in several countries. They are easy to deploy anywhere, and if they're not to be used in a area, you pick them up by helicopter and bring them back to base. It's a lame excuse, to say people can't get medical attention due to the lack of facillities, the U.S and the western world should be able to dust of some containers and place them in these rural areas, it's a disgrace we're not able to do such a simple thing, we're not that poor...yet!

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