December 18th, 2009
01:15 PM ET

Your view: Is U.S. combat equipment up to snuff?

Yesterday's post on Rep. Ike Skelton's letter raising concerns about jamming M4s and restricting plastic straps on soldiers' rucksacks kicked up some pretty interesting comments on the way purchasing is handled for U.S. troops.  We heard from several soldiers, Marines, and civilians on the issue.  Mike says "Don't totally blame the military on this one, most of the blame is on the congress and how they fund the military." And commenter Adam wonders if the Pentagon's focus on larger weapons such as "$2 billion each for a B-2, $300 million for an F-22" has distracted from funding troops on the ground. Meanwhile, David states that "the M4 is a fine combat weapon. Soldiers begged to have M4s in lieu of M16A2s in 2003-2004, Soldiers will always complain about something. "

What do you think? Are U.S. troops on the ground getting what they need? Is Congress doing enough to ensure they have the right equipment? And is the American public willing to foot the tax bill to pay for it all?

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