December 17th, 2009
06:22 PM ET

Views from outside the wire

"Outside the wire" is the phrase used for everything beyond the confines and security of a military base. General Stanley McChrystal’s plan for fighting insurgency in Afghanistan calls for troops to engage with the local population and protect the people. To do this, soldiers must go beyond the wire and climb down from their machines to interact face to face in the hope of gaining the trust of a skeptical population.

See more of the photos from outside the wire or check out the views from inside the machine.

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  1. JC

    Views from inside the Afghanistan people:

    Alexandra the great – A circus player – History
    Russian Military Force – A circus plyer – Past.
    Taliban regime – A circus player – but ran away.
    USA, NATO, and KAZAI – A group circus plyers, current in play.

    How long the show will be, who knows....

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  2. JC

    The picture says a lot and but one thing is definite mentioned – – America wants to win this war not going to be easy.
    What are the picture says to us.
    (1). These 15 Afghanistans are all well dressed by their standard, no one's feet is bared. The clothes better than our soldiers uniform to adopt the enviroment.
    (2). They all show a kind of "easy" with "confindence" to the surroundings. No need to bear any weapon.
    (3). The ground is clean and well keep.

    All the followings are true:
    This s society that is lead by elders and has its own law and order.
    The culture and terrain are completely different then anyone in the states is used to.
    The people that listen to its elders than its own government.

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  3. unanimous

    I don't have much to say, however, this whole ISAF approach we have is putting lives of our own forces in jeopardy in order to keep the Afghan locals safe. Numerous times we've had positive ID on insurgents shooting at our locations and dropping mortar rounds at our POS, yet we still weren't allowed to shoot back because of possible civilian casualties. The Taliban are not "dumb" by any means, their road side bombs are very affective and sophisticated, put it this way, the average American couldn't assemble them. They use threatening techniques against the locals which makes it difficult to make a positive relationship with them, for example, one villiage we go in we try to pass out candy and toys, they give it back and immediately say get out of here. Meanwhile we are observed from three different sides. We've hit numerous roadside bombs near this location. The culture and terrain are completely different then anyone in the states is used to. The "moon dust" makes you invisible from waist down with every step, and turns to mud that covers up to your ankles for weeks after it rains. The Afghan nationals have their own unique culture, they listen to their village elder rather then their own president. The people of Afghanistan have been abused by the Taliban for many years, I agree the innocent people shouldn't be harmed if necessary, but I do not believe that their life is more important than a marines life!

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  4. Abe

    I think people have to understand the the Taliban have been around for thousands of years and have remained the same in the 20th century. This are people that have a fundamental religious belief that adhere to it no matter what anyone says. I think their should be a dialogue between them and Afghanistan government. This s society that is lead by elders and has its own law and order. The US should make the Afghanistan government accountable and involved in fighting the Taliban and forge a dialogue with the elders to come up with a solution. We are wasting a lot of lives and money in a country where the government itself if afraid of the Taliban. The Taliban are very weary of foreigners and have no respect and do not trust there own government. They have waged a war with the Russians and they have not forgotten the invasion. This is a bad combination for us to back the government of Afghanistan and fight the Taliban. I am not a political analyst but my gut feeling is that the Afghan government will never defeat the Taliban by itself because of inefficiency and readiness of the Afghan forces. So like the president said we give Afghanistan time to put its house in order and be ready to fight the Taliban and take control of there destiny. We are dealing with people that listen to its elders than its own government. For now our hands are tied but sooner or later the Afghan people have to come to terms to save there own country.

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  5. Rick Indiana

    Yeah and at the same time giving away suit cases of cash from American tax payers for nothing. Old green teeth may act like hes ok with you then cut your throat when he has a chance.This is a radical islamic country, the biggest player being the ingnorant Taliban. This is not Iraq where they did have education to some degree.These people are uneducated dirt people that live 5000 years behind everyone else. Your not going to win over this country.

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