December 6th, 2009
11:46 PM ET
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  1. Atheist

    No God, No Bible.

    No holy war. Screw this jihad, man. It's all awful.

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  2. whybs

    Unlike Vietnam, we have a near-perfect strategy (crippling the Taliban & Al Qaeda), technology, and the right man (McChrystal) at the frontline. Just like how we contain the mafia, we'll break the Taliban/Al Qaeda's back.

    Prediction... Mullah Omar/Osama bin's heads by 7/4/11 (latest 9/11/11)!

    Just watch! -

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  3. Nick

    We should NOT be SENDING MORE TROOPS TO Afghanistan because there is really no point. I think think the president is a nut case for sending them over. we don't have hell in our you know i'm white ey.. we don't need a draft. I THINK WE SHOULD BRING OUR TROOPS HOME ASAP...

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  4. Subhan

    If America sends 100 new troops or 100 thousand new troops, it will not make any difference in the war against Taliban, except the American and the civilian casualties will continue to be increased.
    If America really wants to solve this dilemma, they should let Afghans do it through Loya Jirga, Peace Agreements and other means of dialogues; they should give a specific timeline to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan before it is too much late.

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  5. just talking

    I have never in my life new that some white could be as mean to try to stop everything with out trying to see if something will work.but that is hoe some white people are,just for their self and not for the people of this country .if any ofyou was as smart as you want to be read the bible then you will learn God law ,and how we should live and get along if you check .no one like working with the white man because thay always got hell!! in theire eyes.

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  6. Marine Grunt

    you have got to love all of the polls that go around about joe shmoe and how much they hate(d) the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But you will never see a poll of what the troops think of the wars and how we see the security of our country. We see it everyday and we train for it everyday. We all hate to leave our families to go to a foriegn country to fight for a country of lesser power than our own. But this is our job and I cannot tell you how many times I've sat in my barracks room dying to do my time over there because of the blood that has been shed. I got back from Iraq in Oct. of '08 from the Al Anbar province. People are all so relieved a very large part of the troops have been pulled from that portion of the world. The people could never understand how much of a difference we made while we were there. I saw a grown man cry when I gave him a soccer ball to give to his son that he himself could not afford, its times like that, that make me realize what we are doing over there is real because people that cant afford the little things need our help to perhaps someday hold the jobs that they can provide for their families so our presence is not nessissary anymore. We need to do the same thing in Afghanistan, let us be there to do our jobs, eliminate the bad people and help the good so we can all come home safe. and not have to worry as much about our backs here at home. I promise if cnn posted a poll and word got to the troops that we were to take part, it would be around an 85 percent for 15 against, we love our jobs and we know what we need to do over there, we just ask for the peoples support and love while were gone and to remember the ones who gave it all in the name of freedom

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  7. Marine Wife

    Why do we keep sending out troops over when really we should just bring them home they have been there long enough...i personal think this is how many people have been over there since the start and its been like 8 year and i think we should just pull our troops out bring them home to their families and leave them to run their country.....!!!!

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  8. Priscilla L. Martin

    What are they fighting about in Afghanistan? To my knowledge the Afghanistans and the Packistans disagree on how they should treat the people. If that is the case, they should know to treat everybody right and we will all live a lot longer. Then the United States officials want to help the people's right to freedom? I told my classmates at Grand Canyon University that I don't know why people fight. I wish they would stop.

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  9. cookie

    I keep wondering if the war in Afghanistan is a loosing battle. The troops should get out as soon as possible. I am certain the US can use other means to insure the security of the country.

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