December 1st, 2009
02:16 PM ET

Will Obama's war become his Vietnam?

In March, Afghanistan will become America's longest war, surpassing the one in Vietnam, which cost more than 58,000 American lives.  Comparisons to the war in Vietnam are often invoked. But experts say while there are similarities between the two conflicts, there are more differences.

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  1. Rajesh

    Coming directly to point, US success in Afghanistan very much depends on how it deals with Pakistan. there is no doubt pakistan is a failed state, but US should realize few important things
    1. economic and developmental aid given to paksitan (kerry-lugar bill etc) has to be monitored stringently. Ruling Paki elites are corrupt and dance to the tunes of the army and its spy agency ISI, hence all the aid is directed towards its military buildup against India.

    2. Pakistan's spy agency is using US for its funds, hence hiding/supporting taliban and al qeda fugitives to keep the war in and ON state so that pakistan is always funded for years to come. its a geo-politic double game, i hope CIA is aware of this.

    3. seal of drug trade in afghanistan, which is also regulated by pakistan's ISI can choke the finances of taliban.

    4.get India into mainstream, india is much more stable economy and a democracy which has contributed a lot in current rebuilding of Afghanistan.

    5. even if taliban or al qeda is defeated, they will come back in another form with hidden support of ISI.

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  2. David Johnson

    I agree that the war in Afghanistan should be about the Taliban and Al Qaeda. If we destroy the opium fields we will hurt them where it hurts, in their pockets.

    We should also return to our original mission of hunting down the leaders of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. We started out hunting Osama Bin Laden and his leaders before President Bush diverted us to Iraq.

    As for those who think this is becoming another Vietnam, they need to remember that we went to Afghanistan after Al Qaeda killed hundreds of innocent people by flying into the Twin Towers. To retreat from Afghanistan now would only give them cause to think they could send more terrorist's to our country and get away with it.

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  3. Paul

    Welcome to the "30-year war" and re-instatement of general draft soon. The approximately 250,000 U.S. troops in the geographical region spanning Iraq and Afghanistan will have less to do with the few hundred terrorists left in AfPak and more with the long-term strategy to gain a foothold in the region to manage the Pakistan and Iran nuclear issues. Since the volatility of the region spanning the Middle East and the Asia sub-continent is virtually permanent, so will be our presence. As General "Ike" warned us more than 50 years ago, this approach to solving our security issues is going to lead to tragic long-term results. If we want to have a strategic presence in the region, why not base our troops in friendly India like we do in Germany, etc.

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  4. Mike Cannon

    The goal should not be nation building, or supporting a corupt government. It should be to distroy al Qaeda and the Taliban who support them.

    The way to do this is not to go out into the counrtyside and get involved in civil war, tribal conflict, and 500 year old grudges.

    The way to do this is to follow the money. The money comes from the drug trade. Drug money buys the bullets and explosives that are killing our troops. It funds all the evil activities of al Qaeda. Dry up the money and they are no longer a threat.

    The drug trade in Afganistan is based around the opium poppy. Huge fields of bright red flowers are not that hard to find. We have Gobal Hawks, Predators, U2s and spy satellites to find the tricky ones.

    We also have B52s. Napalm is cheap.

    Don't make this more complicated than it is. Follow the money. Cut off the money.

    Sucess is usually based on easy to understand objectives. Make the objective to distroy the drug trade that funds terrorism.

    Give our military this goal they'll get it done, and it won't require 90,000+ troops in country.

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