December 1st, 2009
07:27 AM ET

Muslim-American soldier's stance on Afghanistan

Sgt. Ayman Kafel joined the military after the September 11 attacks, and served in the Iraq War. He says that his experience has shown him the "goodness of the Arab service member and his/her contributions to the war and to the country. ... I will always continue my service to this country and the citizens of this country." asked Kafel for his view on America's role in Afghanistan.

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  1. Mohammad Ayub

    If American wants sincerely peace in Afghanistan and in the world the root cause of terrorism should be stamp out which are mentioned :injustice,powerlessness,illiteracy,deprivation from the basic rights,invasion,bombardment,sanction,puppet government,poverty,unemployment,religion and ethnics violence ,economical crisis and finally the big three issue if solve i am sure there will be now war in the world .Plastine israil conflict,Kashmir Indo Pakistan dispute,Afghanistan i suggest to USA those money which is spending on war send on building Afghanistan,army and police of Afghanistan should be trained and well equipped support peace jurga and joining of Taliban with government ,remove name of Taliban from black list,pressurize neighbor countries from interfering in Afghanistan especially Pakistan and Iran.I am sure if above mentioned root cause are address there will be peace in the world.

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  2. Valentine J. Belfiglio

    Alexander the Great was able to sugdue the land known today as Afghanistan. The U.S. military, with its superior technology, should be able to accomplish this same objective with relative ease. The problem will be establishing a lasting democratic system of government.

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  3. james s roberts

    What a tragedy!

    American success in Afghanistan is the immediate withdrawal of all troops and money spent for troops and support personnel (non-cobat, non-armed servicecpersonnel, [Haliburton]) are offered to Afghanistan people to help rebuild their country.

    God is watching

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