November 30th, 2009
11:30 AM ET

Obama informs top officials of Afghan decision

Washington (CNN) - President Obama has informed several top diplomatic and military officials about his decision regarding new U.S. strategy and troop levels in Afghanistan, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday.

Obama called Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday to tell her about his decision, Gibbs said. The president later met in the Oval Office with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Michael Mullen, top U.S. Middle East military commander Gen. David Petraeus, and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, among others.

Obama also informed his top military commander in Afghanistan - Gen. Stanley McChrystal - and Karl Eikenberry, the U.S. ambassador to Kabul.

Obama gave orders to implement the new strategy during the Oval Office meeting, Gibbs said.

On Tuesday, Obama will travel to West Point, New York, to announce his decision on a request by McChrystal for up to 40,000 additional troops.

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  1. wildthing

    Cleaning up after a CIA operation initiated by Carter and Brzezinski to lure Russia into its Vietnam after texan millionairesses and playboy congressmen got Congress to fund stingers for terrorists who were abandoned like old unexploded landmines to terrorize Afghans and morgh into misguied heat seeking missiles homing in on the handlers country with devastating shock and awe is not a military responsibility.or shoiuld NATO have to clean up after covert opeations gone rogue either. This was cleverly deisgned by the CIA to be a deadly minefield for military opeations so why are we escalating as if on cue!

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