June 28th, 2010
10:02 AM ET
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    McChrystal is not a politician, thank God. What he is (or was) was one of our best, who got caught up in a media made mess that had nothing whatsoever to do with his ability to lead his troops. GI's always grumble, and they have the right to do so, it's their life that's on the line. But grumbling is not insubordination, it's not worthy of the end result, which is we are now back to square-one in a war that should have been done with years ago had the politicians stayed out of it and let the military do what they do best. Our troops are the best ever, let them finish this damned war and bring them home.

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  2. Onesmallvoice

    Does anybody here believe that Stanley McChrystal will beat Barrack Obama in the next presidential election if Gen.Patraeus fails in Afghanistan?It remains to be seen.

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  3. Chuck

    Masterstroke, you have got to be joking, this was his only choice. Gen. McChrystal is the pure warrior and I as a Vietnam Veteran understand his frustration with a bunch of politicians whose only concern is their next election. He was wrong for his comments and should have been dressed down for them then let him do his job. Lets remember who did not take McChrystal's advise and who took months to decide then send him half the troops that was requested and needed to win. I also wonder how many of our troops died due to that indecision.

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  4. Amlan

    What most of you do not understand is that Pakistan has no incentive to help USA. I do not believe Pakistan unless militarily forced or coerced will ever help USA in ending the support for insurgency in neighboring countries like Afghanistan. It knows the day it helps USA it's importance is over and so is the billions in handouts. Thats the real problem and unless Obama is man enough to face that, nothing will ever change and it'll continue as a botched war as it has for last decade.

    We should give Pakistan a 72 hour deadline to cooperate or be bombed . We should militarily cleanse cities like Karachi and Peshawar. And then carpet bomb NWFP. We should dismantle the ISI and have the civilian CID take over. We should process their existing agents and weed out the saudi puppets from their midst.

    At the same time we should read out a strong warning and perhaps even threat to boycott Saudi Oil for Russian for a bit if they dont stop bankrolling murderers in the form of jihadis.

    We'd have to do many many more things, but what I am trying to say is that, this is the extent of damage you will have to be ready to cause and accept. Otherwise all of this is hogwash. Nothing will ever change as it never has.


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  5. Rob

    Fareed usually I respect your commentary and news coverage but here I must make a stand and differ. For 1, 100% of the insurgency is not Pashtun, that statement was a gross generalization. 2, Petraeus may have written the book on counter Insurgency, but if you haven’t noticed that is the most deficient arm of our Military, so im not so sure he is the one we need. 3. Petraeus did manage the surge etc which provided great benefits to Iraq, but he managed not implemented the strategy. We just fired of one of the most respective, courageous, dedicated military men to enter the service of this country, 1 year before we are suppose to begin a withdrawal. One that Mc Crystal planned, organized and has been coordinating. Why? Not because he put his men in danger, not because of excessive use ofbrutality, not because of dereliction of duty. But because he made true statements of deficiencies he faced with Afghan and US politics and people. We just scarified a great soldier to the Media Gods, so that Obama could say he was strong. The strong thing to do would have been to take the Generals comments as constructive criticism, and formally address the General in front of the nation. But that would have been too adult in US politics. Between this and Helen Thomas, does anyone working for Local, State, Federal Govnt or the Media have the right to free speech??? It seams like u do, but you will be fired and publicly discredited and humiliated as a price to pay.

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    • MaryM


      It sounds as if you have never served in the military. There is no such thing as freedom of speech in the military. He should never had said those things to Rolling Stone. That was political suicide. I don't know if you read the Rolling Stone article but I did. He did a lot of things in his career that should have had him fired a long time ago to include abuse scandals and excessive force scandals. This was the straw that broke the camel's back.

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      • Gabriel

        Mary I am in the military and we do have freedom of speech. Not once have myself or my friends been censored when talking about policies or the decisions of are civilian leadership. General McCrystal has his hands on the pulse of the military , and I can tell you first hand 90% of the fighting men of the military agree with the Generals comments. We respect the uniform not the suit.

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  6. OMMS

    No matter we like it OR not, If we want to end this conflict in Afghanistan, we have to get help from Pakistan, so they can force Afghan Taliban to get on with negotiations with USA.

    We have already tried alone for 9 years alone and its not working..

    We will have to accept the fact that Pakistan Army / ISI will never let India get into any role in Afghanistan..because they do not want to get encircled by india from both sides..

    As soon as we realize above, we can we out of this mess in Afghanistan..

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    • K.N.

      U.S. is in great position to end the war in AfPak in a dignifying manner.

      If Pakistan is playing the hardball by calling the shots, “the key to Afghanistan’s solution is through Islamabad.” That is absolutely absurd.

      First and foremost, anybody in the right mind knows Pakistan is in the state of collapse or at least heading that way. In hindsight, this is a great opportunity to hold Pakistan’s feet on fire and put pressure to give up the Taliban and Al Qaeda cards or else Pakistan has to disintegrate akin to former Yugoslavia. That way you kill 2 birds with one stone (A) secure the nukes as well as (B) micromanage the tribal areas for any terrorist infiltrations or activity.

      I believe US is not playing it right. With Pakistan, you need a kind of carrot that has lesser flavor or close to bitterness than the brunt of the stick.

      U.S. should never bend down to Pakistan’s demands.

      The only viable approach that the Pakistanis have: is the Al Qeada affiliate of Haqani network to share power in Kabul. That will speak for itself that the entire Jihadists in every corner of the globe will spend time for eternity in Afghanistan. Which is a dire recipe for a far worse 9/11.

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      • Proud Pakistani

        K.N – You represent messed up imperial thinking like Neocon Zionist in US and Indian Zionist who would like to do harm to Pakistan, but buddy that will never happen. You have already tried that for 9 years.

        US have already lost the war. Now only looking for face saving exit. End ONLY Pakistan can help US get of the mess they created in Afghanistan.

        CIA Director Leon Panetta just said this week that their are 50-100 al Qaeda Members Left in Afghanistan. For 100 al Qaeda Members USA needs 100,000 troops + 100,000 Contractors – USA citizens OPEN your eyes and start questioning OBAMA to pull out of Afghanistan before its too late.

        Pakistan will play the hardball by calling the shots and Pakistan will decide the END game in Afghanistan, No matter any one likes it or not.

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      • Khan

        "U.S. is in great position to end the war in AfPak in a dignifying manner. "

        Your ignorance intimidated me to response for the very first time to any comment.
        U.S and its NATO allies lost the war from the day they decided to start, because

        1. They supported and used NORTHERN ALLIANCE (non pushtun) to fight against taliban who are 90% PUSHTUN. The ethnic Pushtuns(70%) are never ruled by non pushtun(30%) minority since AFGHANISTAN came into being.
        2. History shows that the pushtuns are never defeated by any force since they follow an unwritten code of life called the PUSHTUNWALI. They will wait for the revenge even if it takes decades to wait and that's what the Taliban are doing.
        3. After the Russians got defeated Afghanistan was completely abandoned and forgotten by the international community, that gave a chance to networks like Al-Qaeda to use it as a hub for there mission.
        4. The west is trying to impose there own version of democracy that will never work in a society strictly bonded by there culture values and codes.
        5. The Karzai government comprises of warlords, who have thousands of peoples blood on there hands, are dependent on poppy and drugs. peoples like GENERAL DOSTUM and GENERAL FAHIM involved in mass masacres and blood shed.
        6. The Afghan so called army comprises of stooges, maniacs and drug addicts, mostly tajiks and uzbeks loyal to the same warlords who helped them to join army as blessings for there crimes commited against humanity.

        These facts may help you to understand the actual problem made you guys get stuck in Afghanistan.

        I feel sorry for those young american and nato soldiers dieng every day in afghanistan. For taliban it doesnt matter since they are born and brought up in a society that has never seen peace in there life. There is a saying in my country * The only time pushtuns are in peace when they are at war *

        Sorry for the grammatical mistakes.

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