May 27th, 2010
05:31 PM ET

Photo Spotlight: Firing a mortar

U.S. Army Sgt. Joshua Morris shoots a mortar round during a training and certification test at a combat outpost in Afghanistan.

Notice that you can actually see the round in the plume of fire and smoke. You can see the full sized image via the Department of Defense's website.

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  1. fuad

    Props on the person that captured the shot. Sweet. Excellent focus and timing...

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  4. Daniel-2


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  5. Army Arty Observer

    The one poster is correct it's a 120mm heavy mortar fire support platform and I love it. As for the comments about the enemy hiding behind their own people it's true. However, there are Taliban that go toe to toe with the Army and the Marines. Not all of our enemy are cowards and they will die for their cause just like we would die for ours. If only the US citizens who have such a problem with what we are doing over here understood what type of restrictions that have been placed on us in order to protect the civilian population of Afghanistan. Our Warriors are doing the best they can to help the Afghans and the Afghan military is fighting for their freedom as well not just Americans and coalition forces. They love their country just as much as we love ours. That's what keeps me going is to see they care and want democracy and freedom for their people. Thanks to all of you that support of us. For those of you who do not it's a free country and you can do what you like. So don't you think the Afghans deserve the same rights?

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  6. ImNoExpert

    I see ~20 people all feeding one troll who's comment has been deleted. Good job guys!

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  7. faaiz Kaamil

    One must not forget before commenting that the Soldiers, no matter which country they belong to, are in Afghanistan to provide peace and a breath of freedom to the Afghans.
    We do agree too that, whatever the strategy or the plans or the ill-motives or interests are, are of those who are the top level of decision making caucus. The soldiers fighting in Afghanistan or in Iraq are the real heroes who deserve respect and the fallen ones to be remembered, always in our hearts!

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  8. Army Medic

    Why is everyone getting so worked up at good old boy Hamed? I'll be in Afghanistan in 2 months hopefully I'll see you there buddy. I don't hide behind the cnn website so if you think marines, soldiers, airman, and sailors are cowards come stop by and see me in Afghanistan pal.

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  9. Been There

    That's a 120mm and ignorance is not his fault. The Media is dictating on what the people must believe in. Oh and FYI, I hate those Mortars. It shakes you down to your core and guaranteed hearing loss. I hope he's wearing ear plugs and that hoo-hah Soldier even manages to strike a pose. Good stuff and I hope their grids are accurate.

    Semper Fi!

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    • Army Ranger

      You are the coward. I stand strong with my fellow marines. For you to bad mouth my soldiers. I would love to meet you and put you on your knees and make you lick my boots. We sacrifies our lives everyday for you to breath freedom. If I were you son I would shut the F*** up.

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  10. Dragon

    To reiterate: if you do not like us, leave us. The Taliban would not be so tolerant of your taunts, but, on the other hand, would be supportive of your inability to comprehend basic English. Katie, you have been thoroughly indoctrinated by someone and need to be deprogrammed. Suicide bombers do not take prisoners; no one goes home after school.

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  11. J.D.

    First of all, this is Army (basic reading skills required). Second, the cowards are the ones who hide in the buildings with women and children, those who blend in with the civilian populous, those who come out at night like roaches and under the cover of darkness emplacing IED's without care if it kills their own neighbor, those who are the real cowards, cowards like you. Come out and fight us like men, face to face, and if you can come out alive, then we'll talk. Until then keep on hiding, coward. J.D., USMC 0311 infantry

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    • katie

      first off there not cowards maybe there trying to protect there children from dying. im sure you would do the same so shut up.

      May 27, 2010 at 7:16 pm | Report abuse |
      • crghss

        No, they're cowards. Why don't you put your burka on?

        May 27, 2010 at 7:34 pm | Report abuse |
      • J.D.

        So if I open fire on a security patrol and, as soon as they start firing back at me, run inside where my buddy's wife and kids are (possibly directing that fire onto that house), and later, changing my outfit, come out and ask for bread and water from that same patrol – who will gladly give it if they had it, after doing all that you have the GUTS to tell me another ignorant "maybe tale"?! You is what's wrong with people nowadays – the blind and blatant ignorance. I'm done making my blood pressure race over imbeciles like yourself. And by the way nice catch phrase!

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      • TJ

        katie, many of them use children as shields, or as decoys. while there are many people there who don't do that, i have heard too many stories from friends who have been there (we are army and my husband is deployed) of what these people regularly use children for. it's very sick. you cannot assume anything.

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      • MaryM

        You are obviously ignorant. The US military hides from no one. They make themselves clear to their enemies. They don't hide behind woman and children and in caves like dogs and roaches. These fighters are not men they are cowards. children do not need protection from the US military they need protection from Al Qaida who put IEDs in stuffed animals or in roads where they walk. The children need protection of Al Qaida who keeps burning down their schools and killing their innocent parents.

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