March 7th, 2010
10:22 AM ET

Photo spotlight: Faces in Bajaur

The Bajaur Agency is the northern-most district in Pakistan's tribal region located along the Afghan border and has been the target of airstrikes on militant hideouts in the past months. CNN recently visited the area where the Pakistani army showed us where some of the Taliban lived, in an intricate network of 154 tunnels and caves. While there, we captured some of the faces of the local villagers and soldiers in the Pakistan Army.

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  1. Doctrine Pakistan

    The pak army chief (Gen Kayani) has recently said that "pakistan would not want anything for afghanistan that it doesnt want for itself" (read a peacefull and stable afghanistan). This requires that all ethnic groups share power i.e pushtuns, tajiks, uzbeks, Hazaras. Just not sure if KARZAI is the right man to usher in that era. might need someone a bit more reliable and visionary than him. things will become clearer in the coming months. Taliban as usual dont want to share anything and are being stubborn but they have no other option, the sooner they realise this the lesser the pain will be for them.

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  2. Doctrine Pakistan

    Pakistan has made a strategic shift and will continue as long as the US also recognises pakistans legitimate security concerns vis a vis indian presence in Afghanistan. Taliban will eventually be defeated enough that they will become part of a political process. What ever is left of Al qaeda will also be wiped out. Everybody wins here except the Indians who would rather that the region statys destabilised so they can continue to see an unstable Pakistan at the expense of everyone, the US included. Thats the mentality you are dealing with here.

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  3. anonymous

    cant we just get along !!!

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  4. Kentucky

    In some of these eyes, I see a lot of despair; however, in others, I see hope! Hope is a wonderful thing to have!

    March 9, 2010 at 3:22 pm | Report abuse |
  5. anonymous

    Hope things turn for the better

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  6. R. Kienzle, Bagram Afghanistan

    Well said Fawad. I was thinking the same thing while reading his post and you beat me to the rebuttal. Glad to see someone has an optimistic attitude to this corner of the world. The majority of people here want to be helped and want a free society. They are hard working and honest individuals who have the same values as we do in the west (hard days work, family, community).

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  7. Fawad

    Well A. Smith from Oregon you might want to think that you know what you are talking about but in actuality you dont know. Bajur is NOT in Afghanistan but Pakistan, The pictures that you see are of Pakistani Pushtoons and not their cousins across the border in Afghan Pushtoons area. Russian troops were not in Pakistan but invaded Afghanistan. A lot of these Pushtoon tribes initially supported Taliban but they dont anymore since Taliban are not the protectors of Islam as they claim but killers and murderors, thugs and wahabi/salafi alqaida ideology supporters. This ideology considers everyone else wrong but themselves to be right and hence they consider themselves to be on a mission to clean up Isalm off all the innovations.

    As far as Iraq is concerned, well anyone who even knew basics of Iraqi ABCs, knew Iraq is a Shia muslim majority country held by a Sunni ruler through force. If you would introduce democracy that would mean one man one vote and then Iraq will go back to its origianl owners the Shia muslims, but the wahabi/salafi Saudi Arabis is not going to like it while Iran being Shia itself would natrually like to have a Shia ally in Iraq.

    These facts were/are known and please read and think before you post.

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  8. A. Smith, Oregon

    Wonderful Photo! He's probably thinking the soldiers are no different than the Russian troops some 20 years ago, only the faces and uniforms have changed, nothing else in Afghanistan.

    And the winner in todays Iraqi Elections is IRAN!! It appears the absent Iranian Cleric and long standing hater of America Muqtada al-Sadr gained a great deal of influence in yesterdays Iraqi election. Meanwhile it appears the UK's BP and Exxon and other western Big Oil corporations have signed contracts for Iraqi Oil which apparently was the entire reason for invading Iraq.

    Mission accomplished in Iraq, time to come home and figure out what to do with the new multi-billion taxpayer dollar American embassy in Iraq.

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